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Cleaning, De-Coating & Surface Preparation with Light!

For Industrial Applications in:

Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Power Generation, Food Processing, Electronics, Historic Conservation & Others; Operated Robotically, Automated, In-Line or Hand-Held.

Treat: Metal, Natural Stone, Glass, Plastics, Composites, Concrete & More!

Paint Removal & De-Coating Click on titles below for more details
Complete de-coating
Partial de-coating
PVD coating removal
Surface Preparation for
Coating & Adhesive Bonding
Surface preparation prior to coating
Pre-treatment for soldering & welding
Removal of oxides & other contaminants
Adhesive bonding pre-treatment – metals
  Adhesive bonding pre-treatment – plastics
Mold Cleaning  
Baking plates
Tire molds
Rubber molds & tooling
Composite molds
   Natural stone building facades, sculptures,
  bronze statues & metal objects
Surface structuring / Micro-profiling

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Notice/Disclaimer: This technology is intended for industrial use by qualified trained professionals, following all the manufacturer’s user manual instructions and for approved applications only. Laser cleaning is not suitable for all applications. Always test first. End user/buyer is solely responsible for determining product effectiveness, suitability for any contemplated use as well as compliance with all rules and regulations applicable to the use of this technology. The information presented on this website is solely for the purpose of illustration, is offered without any claims or representations and specifically excludes any warranties and/or any liability for errors or omissions. This information, including without limitation; technical data, design and pricing, is subject to change at any time without notice.